Whitney Houston, R.I.P.

Whitney Houston

I never watched the reality TV disaster Whitney Houston’s husband Bobby Brown inflicted upon the world, but as surrounded by pop culture as we have been since the 80′s, I certainly knew about how much it lowered Ms. Houston’s cachet, and how concerned people were that she had become a drug addict.  All of that … Read more



  The 2012 Oscar nominations are in.  Check it all out here.  And if you’re too lazy to click-through, here are the majors: Best Picture The Artist The Descendants Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close The Help Hugo Midnight in Paris Moneyball The Tree of Life War Horse Director Michel Hazanavicius (The Artist) Alexander Payne (The … Read more

Marilyn Monroe Deserves Some Credit


Aside from being a comic genius (just see Gentlemen Prefer Blondes if you have any doubt), Marilyn told a few searing truths in her day.  Her thoughts on Hollywood?  Right on, and continue to be, even now: Hollywood is a place where they’ll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for … Read more


This is not a surprise, and just goes to prove my theory of opposites right:  when you are opposite people, the odds are that in the long-term, it’s just not gonna work.

To Be or Not To Be… Also, Melancholia!


So I am within my rights to never post here again because my blog assignment is over, over, over, in the words of the late, great Roy Orbison. What have I learned?  I will post a more in-depth post-mortem of the assignment once I have written it, but for now, all I can say is … Read more

I Interview UInterview: A Conversation with Erik Meers (Part II)


Here we have Part II of my interview with UInterview founder and editor Erik Meers… Enjoy! How do you choose UInterview subjects? The reality of the way celebrities work is that they don’t want to be interviewed unless they have a project to promote.  When you see Charlize Theron on the cover of Vanity Fair, … Read more

Print to Online: An Interview with Erik Meers of UInterview.com (Part I)


When I heard about the concept for online magazine UInterview, I was immediately intrigued–its idea of having the public provide interview questions on the site seems the perfect way to capture the desire people have to be connected to their favorite celebrities.  I was fortunate enough to have a mutual friend, fellow blogger GMom, give … Read more

Getting a Little Personal: The Chris Brown Problem


Do you guys remember the first season of MTV’s The Real World?  Do you remember Kevin, who quickly got labeled the Angry Black Dude?  He recently wrote an open letter to Chris Brown about the recent episode on Good Morning, America where Brown allegedly had a violent reaction to questions  he was asked about his … Read more

R.I.P. Liz Taylor: You Were a Great Dame

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor, widely considered our last true movie star, has died today at the age of 79.  Her life reads like the stuff of novels–lived to the utmost, without regard for what anyone thought of her.  There are few, if any, celebrities these days who can compare.  Whether you loved her or hated her, she certainly … Read more

Celebrity, Identity, and the Twitterverse: An Interview with Jarrod Walpert of Formula PR

Today howfamousofyou is proud to feature an interview with Jarrod Walpert, vice president of the Lifestyle division at Formula PR.  In 2009, Jarrod wrote a fascinating paper on the effect of Twitter on the entertainment industry, which you can read here.  HFOY caught up with Jarrod via email.  Below, the Q&A: So it’s been a couple of … Read more

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