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    Part assignment, part fun experiment, this blog discusses celebrity and identity in the digital age.
Celebrity Gossip, Academic Style

Better Than I

Y’know, I just don’t blog here anymore. I still tweet, occasionally, and you can catch that on my feed here to the right or follow me (if you want).  Do I have opinions about the current state of celebrity, reality, etc…?  Absolutely.  Do I want to blog about them?  Maybe.  I do know that right … Read more


And we’re live! HFOY Oscar 2012

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Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston, R.I.P.

I never watched the reality TV disaster Whitney Houston’s husband Bobby Brown inflicted upon the world, but as surrounded by pop culture as we have been since the 80′s, I certainly knew about how much it lowered Ms. Houston’s cachet, and how concerned people were that she had become a drug addict.  All of that … Read more



  The 2012 Oscar nominations are in.  Check it all out here.  And if you’re too lazy to click-through, here are the majors: Best Picture The Artist The Descendants Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close The Help Hugo Midnight in Paris Moneyball The Tree of Life War Horse Director Michel Hazanavicius (The Artist) Alexander Payne (The … Read more

Rachel Bilson "Call Me Doctor"

Rachel Bilson to Critics: Suck It, Haterz

I’ve always liked Rachel Bilson.  My reasons are completely narcissistic–she reminds me of me.  Plus, the O.C. was totally one of my guilty pleasure shows.  Unlike the haters at Just Jared and Celebitchy, I don’t think she’s a famewhore or that she can’t act or whatever it is they say these days.  Do I think she’s … Read more

Iwan Rheon as Simon


If you are not watching the superb UK  show Misfits now that it’s freely available on Hulu, I can only assume that you don’t know it exists.  I am here to remedy that.  Please start watching it now.  You won’t regret it.  Yes, it’s crude and rude and violent and all of those things we censor … Read more

Ryan Gosling reading from his own internet meme.  Swoon.

Hey Girl: Why I Adore Ryan Gosling

What other celebrity do you know of that would find an internet meme about himself not only funny, but deign to read it out loud?  My attemps to parse the Gosling personality, to peek behind to see if there’s some strategy involved, come up pretty empty.  He seems to be exactly who he is, and … Read more


Marilyn Monroe Deserves Some Credit

Aside from being a comic genius (just see Gentlemen Prefer Blondes if you have any doubt), Marilyn told a few searing truths in her day.  Her thoughts on Hollywood?  Right on, and continue to be, even now: Hollywood is a place where they’ll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for … Read more

Dinosaur Comics by Ryan North

New World Order: Taking Celebrity Seriously, Or Not

You can’t, really.  I mean, you can but people will look at you with less than respect.  In academia, pop culture and celebrity culture are looked at askance.  Professors will rarely engage on the topic.  And I think this has led to me being defensive about having a blog that discusses celebrity, and what celebrity means … Read more


This is not a surprise, and just goes to prove my theory of opposites right:  when you are opposite people, the odds are that in the long-term, it’s just not gonna work.

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